IT Consulting

All the benefits of an in-house CIO without
the payroll or staffing commitment.

A Tailored Approach

Not every business has the need, or budget, for a full time IT executive. However, having a trusted advisor at the ready can be a saving grace for business owners and managers. Helping to identify potential inefficiencies. Costs savings. Security risks. To allowing you to address the inevitable issues as (or before) they arise. WIth out IT Consulting service, we can help save your business money and save you from the stress of the unknown.



Virtual CIO

As part of our concierge or Virtual CIO service, your business will receive on-demand IT executive expertise. You receive a dedicated block of time each month where where you’ll have our undivided attention to focus solely on your short- and long-term objectives.

Whether it’s just a monthly, executive-level touch base or working side-by-side “in the trenches” with your team, the Technology Navigators can help to keep your business technologies operating smoothly. You’ll have all the benefits of an in-house CIO without the payroll or commitment to staffing.

The process begins with an initial consultation where we’ll review your business’s specific needs and work with you on a budget. Once approved, we will tap our network of trusted partners to assist in your build. We will act as project managers on your behalf, personally overseeing every aspect and reporting back you as often as necessary to make you feel comfortable with the process.

Upon successful completion, we can assist you and your employees in becoming acclimated to the new systems. If needed, we can also set up a longer-term partnership where we can consult with your team on an as-needed basis in the months and years to come.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how our services can help you achieve your business objectives.


Protect your valuable business assets and ensure the integrity of your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive cybersecurity services. We employ industry-leading practices and cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your business from potential threats. Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Penetration testing, Vulnerability assessment, and remediation
  • Security policy development and enforcement
  • Endpoint protection and network security
  • Incident response planning and execution
  • Employee cybersecurity training and awareness programs

We use the latest security technologies and best practices to ensure that your business is safe and secure. Our team of experts has years of experience in providing cybersecurity solutions to businesses of all sizes. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

With our cybersecurity services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and secure from cyber threats.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how our services can help you achieve your business objectives.


We understand how important it is to have a well-planned IT strategy.

Our IT strategic guidance service provides our clients with the expertise and support they need to develop and implement an effective IT strategy that aligns with their business goals. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide tailored guidance and recommendations.

Whether optimizing existing IT infrastructure or implementing new technologies, our IT strategic guidance service helps our clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve long-term success.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how our services can help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Data Visualization Tools (Power BI, Tableau)

  • Advanced IT Analysis
  • On-going Strategy Consultations
  • Long Term Strategic Roadmapping
  • Cybersecurity Programs (Audits, Pen-Tests, Education)
  • Updates & Upgrades
  • Crisis Management
  • IT Support Evaluation


Whether your business needs on-going support from a Virtual CIO, or just an experienced project manager to help implement a new IT buildout, it all starts with a call to Technology Navigators.

Scheduling a FREE Initial Consultation

When you reach out to Technology Navigators, we’re not going to blindly sell you on some cookie cutter package. Our priority is to listen and learn. We want to hear more about you, your business, and your needs. From there, we’ll determine the best way for you to activate our services and present a fee structure based on those services for your approval.

Initial Assessment

Every client is unique and requires different solutions. Because of this, in the case of established businesses, we like to start with our Technology Position Assessment. It’s designed to measure our clients’ status and needs in relation to IT. We look at Infrastructure, Applications, Email, Cybersecurity, Remote Access, Backups, and more.

Roadmap to Success

Using the results from our assessment, we give clients a comprehensive understanding of their IT position and a roadmap for a successful expansion, remediation, or upgrade. Clients will then either retain Technology Navigators as a Virtual CIO for on-going assistance, or contract with us Project Managers for an IT buildout or upgrade.



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