What is Microsoft Security Copilot?

Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI assistant designed to help security teams outpace their adversaries. Security Copilot combines the power of large language models and security-specific capabilities by harnessing Microsoft’s security expertise and global threat intelligence. It enables security professionals to respond to threats with machine speed and scale, simplifying complex tasks and providing actionable insights.


1. Natural Language Query: Security Copilot allows security analysts to submit prompts in natural language, similar to ChatGPT. This feature enables security teams to ask questions and receive actionable responses, streamlining threat-hunting and investigation processes.

2. Incident Summaries: With Security Copilot, security analysts can obtain instant incident summaries. These summaries include detailed information about the incident, its origins, and technical overviews, empowering responders in their investigation and response efforts.

3. Script and Code Analysis: Security Copilot simplifies the inspection of scripts and codes without needing external tools. It helps security professionals identify whether a script is malicious, enhancing threat detection capabilities.

4. Security Posture Management: By leveraging Security Copilot, organizations can assess their security posture and identify vulnerabilities and exploits. It guides risk prioritization and remediation, strengthening overall security defenses.

5. Integration with Microsoft 365 Defender: Security Copilot integrates with Microsoft’s 365 Defender Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform. This integration enhances the investigative capabilities of security teams, allowing them to leverage Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence data and collaborate effectively.


Microsoft Security Copilot aims to address the challenges faced by security professionals, including the shortage of skilled personnel and the need for efficient threat detection and response. By combining AI-powered technology with Microsoft’s extensive threat intelligence, Security Copilot offers several benefits to security teams.

Catch What Others Miss

Attackers often hide behind noise and weak signals, making it challenging to identify malicious behavior. Security Copilot leverages Microsoft’s global threat intelligence and continuous reasoning to surface prioritized threats and anticipate threat actors’ next moves. This proactive approach ensures that security teams can detect and respond to threats that might have gone unnoticed.

Address the Talent Gap

The demand for skilled security professionals far exceeds the available supply. Security Copilot bridges this talent gap by augmenting security teams’ skills and knowledge. From answering basic security-related questions to providing complex queries based on natural language prompts, Security Copilot continually learns from user interactions and adapts to enterprise preferences. It helps security teams achieve more secure outcomes and enables new team members to learn and develop their skills effectively.

More on integrations with Microsoft Security Products

Microsoft Security Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of security products, enhancing their capabilities and providing a unified experience for security teams. Some key integrations include:

Microsoft 365 Defender

Security Copilot is integrated with Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft’s extended detection and response (XDR) platform. This integration allows security analysts to access Security Copilot directly within the 365 Defender platform. It provides them with actionable insights, recommendations, and a unified interface for streamlined incident investigation and response.

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence is included with Security Copilot, enabling security professionals to access dynamic threat intelligence at no additional cost. This invaluable resource empowers teams to expose suspicious infrastructure, understand cyber threats, and stay updated with the latest threat landscape.

Third-Party Integrations

While Security Copilot currently integrates with Microsoft’s security products, Microsoft plans to expand its ecosystem to include third-party products. This expansion will further enhance the capabilities and versatility of Security Copilot, allowing organizations to leverage their existing security investments.

How to Access Microsoft Security Copilot

Organizations interested in accessing Microsoft Security Copilot can enroll in the Early Access Program by contacting their Microsoft sales representative. The program provides an opportunity to experience the advanced features and benefits of Security Copilot, including integration with Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence. By participating in the program, organizations can enhance their security operations and empower their security teams with AI-driven insights.

Microsoft Security Copilot represents a significant advancement in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions. By combining large language models with security-specific capabilities, Microsoft empowers security teams to respond to threats with machine speed and scale. Security Copilot’s features, such as natural language query, incident summaries, script analysis, and security posture management, streamline workflows and enhance threat detection capabilities. The integration with Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence further strengthens the platform’s capabilities. With the Early Access Program, organizations can take advantage of Security Copilot’s benefits and save time on core security operations tasks.